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renovation companies Melbourne

Renovation Companies Melbourne

Build 7 Group is one of the leading home renovation companies in Melbourne, backed by years of experience working on a wide range of home renovation projects. Our qualified renovation builders will give your home a phenomenal overhaul, with stylish designs that are custom-made to suit your lifestyle and the atmosphere you wish your home to convey.

If you want to redesign home interior areas that need updating, we can share various designs for kitchen renovators and bathroom renovations as well as whole home renovations. If you want to upgrade an external part of your property, such as your patio or veranda, we also offer exterior home renovation design services. No matter what type of renovation work your property requires, you can rely on Build 7 Group to provide the home renovations in Melbourne you desire.

renovation builders melbourne

The Best Design Options

Our home renovation contractors will meticulously examine and measure the spaces you want updated to determine which one of our design options is right for your home and how much it will cost to renovate. Our custom builders in Melbourne can also work with you to deliver a custom renovation design that accommodates your specific needs and preferences. We can recommend ideas and show you exactly what your home could look like after our renovations in Melbourne.

Enquire Today With Our Renovation Builders in Melbourne

For more information about the home renovations our Melbourne team can offer you, contact Build 7 Group today to book a consultation. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable home renovation builders in Melbourne will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide more information about our renovation process.

Why Choose us?

Build 7 Group is a registered building practitioner in Victoria and one of the leading home extension companies in Melbourne. Here are just a few reasons to consider us for your next project:


We come up with innovative solutions to ensure your project is unique yet cost-effective.


Our team are fully certified and provide assurances and warranties to guarantee a high-quality result.


Our team consists of professional consultants, tradespeople, designers and builders who work together to achieve excellent results.


We are financially independent and have more than 10 years of experience delivering high-quality projects on time and on budget.


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