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    Hire Qualified Architects for Home Extensions in Mulgrave

    Our trained designers are enthusiastic about providing Home Extensions in Mulgrave that incorporate your ideas as well as their expertise. We work with you to fit your needs and budget, making your ideal house a reality. We create homes in a variety of styles and work closely with you to ensure that the new addition blends in with your existing home. Our tried-and-true building procedures, our professional trades network, and, most importantly, our commitment to our clients ensure that each home addition gets the attention it deserves.

    Our dedicated team can help you build ground floor extensions in Mulgrave so you can have all of the space you need. We at Build 7 Group provide the greatest services for house extensions so you can sit back and relax while we take care of the heavy work. From concept designing to execution, you will work with renovation builders and skilled designers on a double storey expansion in Mulgrave. Experienced builders would create ideas, draft accurate plans, and estimate costs before delivering your beautiful home. Regardless of where you are in the renovation process, our dedicated crew makes it as simple and hassle-free process.

    Reasons to Hire Expert Builders for Home Renovations in Mulgrave

    Our skilled kitchen renovators in Mulgrave can redesign and rearrange your cooking space to make it more functional. A kitchen layout that allows for simple mobility and easy access to everything is an underappreciated luxury. To make your kitchen a safer and better area to cook in, the positioning of the refrigerator, stove, sink, and storage must be planned ahead of time. This will give your kitchen a more appealing appearance that will blend in with the rest of the house’s decor. Whether you go for country, contemporary, industrial, or glam, you’ll have a lot of cabinetry, handles, benchtops, splashbacks, and appliances to select from.

    Build 7 Group also offers bathroom renovations in Mulgrave, so you can relax and unwind while cleaning. Beautiful bathroom retreats are being designed and built all over the world. Once upon a time, a long, hot bubble bath or a steamy shower were inconceivable pleasures. Water infiltration, like it does in kitchens and laundries, can be a major cause of troubles in older bathrooms, according to an expert panel of house renovations in Mulgrave. Grout and sealant deteriorate over time, and leaks can cause wood to expand, making it more difficult to lift tiles.

    Necessity to Hire Qualified New Home Builders in Mulgrave:

    Our company employs new home builders in Mulgrave offering services to construct the most visually pleasing and functional structures imaginable. After learning about your ideas and needs for the house, our custom home builders in Mulgravewill walk you through the process. We at Build 7 Group, also aid in the construction of French provincial homes that display the history of their culture and brilliant colours they used or encourage as well as support culture.

    The emphasis is on your preferences for the type of house you want to build or envision. Our Contemporary home builders in Mulgrave are experts in creating designs that are artful and pleasing to the eye. As you can expect, the scale of home remodelling varies greatly based on your needs. We utilise high-quality building materials to improve the property’s overall structure and allow it to withstand inclement weather for longer. It could be as easy as new paint, carpet, and a new front door, or it could be as complex as rearranging sections and relocating internal walls to change the floorplan. Designers that are qualified are well-versed in their professional responsibilities, which include delivering makeover or remodelling services.

    Experienced Builders for Knockdown Rebuild in Mulgrave

    If you want to rebuild your space and construct with more room and options, our devoted team offers knockdown rebuild in Mulgrave, so you can simply work with us. A major home renovation is a major decision that will have an impact on not just your current circumstances, but also how your property will function in the future. This is why we invest so much time and effort up front to guarantee that your rebuilt home satisfies your current and future requirements.

    We look at how you and your family can use the spaces in your house today, what you need and envision for the future, and what you think your future needs will be as life develops during the first phase. By creating these foundations, we can ensure that we provide the best solution in terms of both value and long-term viability. It may be more cost-effective to add a storey rather than demolish the entire structure and rebuild it from the ground up if the current house is made of block and can hold a second storey without extra wall strengthening.

    Contact with our Skilled Consultants Right Away:

    Home additions and renovations are available through our skilled builders and architects. To learn more, call us at 0431 613 371 during business hours. You may also make an appointment or book a virtual consultation with us, and we will respond to your request and deliver the best rates!

    Why Choose us?

    Build 7 Group is a registered building practitioner in Victoria and one of the leading home extension companies in Melbourne. Here are just a few reasons to consider us for your next project:


    We come up with innovative solutions to ensure your project is unique yet cost-effective.


    Our team are fully certified and provide assurances and warranties to guarantee a high-quality result.


    Our team consists of professional consultants, tradespeople, designers and builders who work together to achieve excellent results.


    We are financially independent and have more than 10 years of experience delivering high-quality projects on time and on budget.


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